Photo being accepted for BD SUN October Photo Contest

by Jennifer Sierra

This month has flown by and it is indeed that time again. As this week welcomes the first day of fall, we are now looking for the October photo contest winner. We are accepting all skill levels of photographers. Submit your images of Bellevue and Dayton, Kentucky on the cusp of fall. With Homecoming in both Dayton and Bellevue occurring last weekend and Art in the Park the prior weekend, there are many events from which to draw inspiration so go through your recent shots and submit those photos or go outside and take some pictures. We are looking for creative and relevant images. Photographs need to be in by September 28th. Email photo submissions to

Winning photo’s will be used on the home page, Facebook and Twitter home pages. At the end of the year, we will have an art show highlighting the best photographs and photographers. Congratulations again to Stacey Hall of Bellevue, Kentucky on winning the Bellevue Dayton Sun September Photo Contest.

Staceyhall contest

Rules for photographers
No age limit.
Photos can be color or black & white.
Photos can be taken with any type of camera or phone.
Only submit 1 photo, per person, per month.
Photos need to be landscape or wider than they are tall. portrait or vertical photos will not be used based off of page formatting.
Photos need to be sent in .jpg format and not exceed 5 megabytes.
Photo’s should show off the positive energy, charm and beauty of our two great cities, and not have the perception of anything negative or highlight anything religious or political.
Photos should be submitted by the 1st of every month to
The Bellevue Dayton Sun wants to show the surrounding cites and world, what these 2 beautiful cities on the river have to offer.

Now we have a real place to submit beautiful photos and bring more attention to Bellevue and Dayton, Kentucky.

Good luck to all photographers.


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