Stacey Hall wins the September Photo Contest

by Jennifer Sierra

Staceyhall contest

The September winner of The Bellevue Dayton Sun Photo Contest is Stacey Hall of Bellevue, Kentucky. We thought this photograph was great not only because of the composition but the representation of the friendly rivalry that is the Bellevue Dayton football tradition. Both cities are so proud of their local sports teams and give a lot of support to them. We thought this should be celebrated.

Stacey loves photography in general. Her favorite photography is sports photography. and the action shots one can capture from those scenes “I love Bob Martin’s work as a sports photographer. I love being able to capture a single moment and seeing it forever.  I’d say over the past 10-12 years since my kids were born I have really learned the value of photos. Even more so because when my children were 5 & 7 my house caught on fire which resulted in the loss of irreplaceable photos. I love photos because it never changes even when the person in it does.”

Stacey’s parents moved their family to Bellevue in 1997 from Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a Bellevue High School graduate and both of her children attend Bellevue schools. She loves living in Bellevue.  because of the kindness and compassion of everyone that lives there. “The citizens of Bellevue are such a close community and I love being a part of that.”


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