Multi-unit, mixed use development gets approved in Dayton, KY.

by Jennifer Sierra

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 8.15.53 AMThere was a planning and zoning meeting last night in Dayton, Kentucky regarding the stage 1 plan of the riverfront development at the entrance to Manhattan Boulevard. They are referred to as the Gateway and Transitional sites.

The sites include 120 units consisting of residential and commercial space. 76 units will be in the proposed Gateway site and there will be 4 floors in the units. The new driveway to the Gateway site will come down the flood wall and the building and loop around to Walnut Street. There is a proposed driveway that will come off of the Manhattan Boulevard and turn southeast into the development with the 2 larger buildings on the south side of the flood wall. The Gateway site, south of the flood wall, needs no flood protection since it is protected by the levee currently in place. The maximum height of the Transitional site is 35 feet and has five buildings. Both sites include access easements to the river walk. All residential units will have parking allocated to them. Benches shaded by trees will be placed along the development where residents can gather. The developer said they are calling the homes on the Boulevard “The Boulevard Flats”. The residential units will be 2 bedrooms with one of the rooms used as a flex room suggesting it can be used as a bedroom or den. The units will be between 1000 and 1100 square feet. Some of the units will be set up as townhouses while some will be laid out as one-level apartments.

The issue was mentioned about the playground that currently sits on the south side of the flood wall and the developer, Brendan Sullivan, said that they intend on moving the playground to another location nearby within a year’s time. Because the development was prohibited from being built onto the levee, they had to make use of the flat terrain at the site and the playground had to be moved.

It was also noted by the county representative that the developer went above and beyond the expectations and requirements to provide recreational activity in the area. The county recommended that the city approve the plans as presented and the Planning and Zoning committee unanimously voted to approve.

Construction is slated to start on the project in the fall of 2015 or spring of 2016.

Watch video of meeting here:


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