New culinary star arrives in Dayton, Kentucky’s central business district

by Jennifer Sierra

_MG_4442A new place to get gourmet food has arrived in Dayton, Kentucky. At the grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony held this weekend, Kate’s Catering offered a new and wonderful option for people looking for take-out food in the Bellevue and Dayton areas. Katelyn Banks is the owner of a catering and take-out establishment that officially opened its doors earlier in August.

While this business is technically a personal chef and catering service, Katelyn offers a menu for carry-out orders and will be offering cooking classes to aspiring foodies starting in October. Her carry-out menu can be found on the “calendar” section of her web site. It varies every day and depends on what is in season but so far the menu has included salads, calzones, meatloaf and gumbo, to name a few dishes. Customers can order 24 hours in advance and can place the order online or by calling 859-916-5910.

_MG_4424The kitchen is bright and super clean with pops of turquoise green around the building. She has a nice room adjacent to the lobby where clients can meet with her for tastings and consultations about their event. The floor-to-ceiling windows offer a beautiful view onto the city park at the town center and lots of northern light floods the space. At the opening ceremony, she served water, wine and hors d’oeuvres consisting of Beef Empanadas with a Chimichuri Sauce, Hummus Stuffed Ornamental Peppers, Chicken Satay with Apricot Chili Chutney and Peanut Butter Mouse Shooters.

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Katelyn is a graduate of Cincinnati State’s Culinary School. The director of the school’s culinary program was at the ribbon cutting. While the Bellevue Dayton Sun was there covering the story, Cincinnati State Culinary Director Chef Jeffrey Sheldon introduced himself to Anthony Cadle, the Dayton, Kentucky Main Street Director and thanked him for “making it easy for one of our graduates to realize her dream of owning her own catering business.” He went on to tell Cadle how nice is was for a city to help facilitate the process from the CCAP grant offered to new businesses in Dayton to helping her with permits and other details needed to get her up and running. He was enthusiastic in his gratitude towards the city and Cadle was encouraged and surprised by the unsolicited response.

When asked about the ease of working with the city of Dayton, Katelyn Banks agreed with Chef Jeffrey Sheldon adding, “Anthony streamlined the process for us. He recognized our goals and facilitated them. CCAP has helped too. The funds from CCAP have allowed me to hire 2 full time employees and I will soon be hiring 2 more helpers in the near future.” Banks went on to say that business has been great since she has moved into her new kitchen, located in the former St. Vincent De Paul store. “Catering has increased 200%” since she opened in Dayton.

_MG_4427The Vice Mayor and chairperson of the city’s economic development committee, Ben Baker, was also on hand to support the new woman-owned business. When asked about the benefit the CCAP grant had on getting this business to open in Dayton as opposed to the red tape found in other regional cities, Baker simply said, “You gotta make it easy and you gotta support it.” Mayor Boruske and Joe Neary, Bill Burns and  Denny Lynn were the other council members on hand as well to welcome Katelyn.


Grandmother Sue proudly looks on

So what about the name? There seems to be some confusion about the name Kate’s Catering since her name is Katelyn not Kate. She clarified this for us. Katelyn’s grandmother fueled her love of cooking when she was a little girl. They worked together in the kitchen and her grandmother Sue would say, “One day you are going to open Kate’s Catering.” Kate is the nickname that is strictly used by only her family when referring to her. If you call her Kate you will politely be corrected so save her the energy and refer to her as “Katelyn”, please. Kate’s Catering is a name that pays homage to her grandmother’s prediction of what her granddaughter would eventually make a reality.


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