New fireman and new defibrillator for fire department

by Tom Ranson

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 1.11.41 PMThe Bellevue Dayton Fire Board held their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, August 19th at the Fire House.

The primary subjects on the agenda were updates on ladder truck buying options, awards and introducing a new member.

Captain Jim Richmond gave a report on the feasibility of buying a used truck.  Buying used does not appear to be a very attractive option as even a used truck can’t be more than five years old and any department shedding a vehicle after such a short time is a bit of a red flag as typically that would only happen if the truck has been problematic.  Also, the cost of a used vehicle is not substantially less than buying a new one.  The Board was not favorably impressed with the used option for these reasons.

Chief Mike Auteri presented firefighter/medics Jacob Stenger and Gary Knight with rescue awards for their actions in the early hours of July 25th when they responded to a sinking 35′ boat on the Ohio River.  They found four people in the water clinging to a log.  Two of the people swam to shore while Stenger and Knight pulled the others from the dark waters.

Chief Auteri also introduced the department’s newest member to the community with a badge presentation to firefighter/medic James “J.P.” Navin.  Navin has 11 plus years of service in various departments in the area.  His wife and three children were also in attendance.

Lt. Brent Schafer demonstrated one of the recently purchased defibrillators.  The defibrillator is the latest in available technology and is capable of transmitting all vital sigs to waiting emergency room staff while still en route to the hospital.

The department is also awaiting word on their grant application for funding three new department members and expect an answer in September.  The next meeting will be held at the Fire House on Wednesday, September 16th.


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