Bellevue City Council meeting for August 2015

by Tom Ranson

The city of Bellevue held their regular monthly meeting on Wednesday August 12th at the Callahan Center.  The mayor and all council members were present.

Jim Parsons of Taft Stettinius & Hollister gave an hour long Powerpoint dissertation on the merits of Incremental Tax Financing (TIF) for the edification of the mayor and council.  As explained by Mr. Parsons, TIF funding is a tool for economic development that allows for tax revenues generated by projects in TIF designated areas to be used to help pay for continuing development in those areas.  The Manhattan Harbour project in Dayton is one such example of a TIF funded project.  Parsons has agreed to meet with the city’s economic development team to help identify potential uses for TIF funding in Bellevue.

Nancy Cremains, a resident who lives on Covert Run, asked for council’s help in determining the source of water that has been entering her home for the last two years.  The water appears to be originating from a below-surface source but is not from a spring.  Cremains has lived in the same house for 17 years and this is a relatively new problem.  City Administrator Keith Spoelker said he has visited the site and the city will continue to investigate finding the source of the water.  Spoelker speculates it may be from antiquated drainage infrastructure but does not yet know for sure.

Beth Ruschman addressed council and explained the Main Street Committee’s recent rebranding called In Vue which replaces the Bellevue Renaissance branding that had been in use.  Ms. Ruschman said the new branding has drawn many mostly positive responses and has been generally well received.

Other council business saw to the approval of street closings for two different block parties.  Williamson Alley will be closed on August 29th and the 100 block of Division Street will be closed to traffic  from four to ten pm on September 19th.  Council also enacted an ordinance approving a permanent stop sign at the intersection of Berry and Anspaugh.

Council also approved a resolution allowing police officers to purchase at fair market value surplus firearms that are no longer fit for active service.  Council also approved the mayor engaging the services of Thelan & Associates for the purpose of conducting geophysical technical studies to potentially remedy land slippage problems in the Covert Run area of town.

The next council meeting will be held Wednesday, September 9th.


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  1. Also on Wed. Sept. 9th but at 6:30 pm.( 1/2 hour before reg. council meeting) will be Bellevue’s special meeting about the 4% property tax rate increase. For 38 years in a row they have increased ad valorem (property) taxes by 4% with out a ballot vote. Personal property, business fixture and inventory taxes go up automatically with an ad valorem rate increase. City tax on your insurance continues to go up as well. Keep in mind this is all in addition to the compensating rate increase they apply to ad valorum with out discussion.


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