Video Tour of Manhattan Harbour Development in Dayton, KY

by Jennifer Sierra – video by Jimmy King

We caught up with developer Dave Imboden of Manhattan Harbour in Dayton, Kentucky. Imboden gave us a tour and a status update of the development on the riverfront. There are 5 homes expected to be in the home show this coming October when the Northern Kentucky Home Builder’s Association is putting on their Homefest Show. One home built by Walker Homes is finished and the others will be completed by the NKY Homefest date, October 3rd through the 18th. Imboden has workers in many of the homes 24 hours a day.

Because of the way the homes are set up, homeowners will have a lot of privacy. “Even though the houses are relatively close together, by the time we get finished with the landscaping and the way we positioned the windows, you aren’t looking in on someone else. You are going to have privacy no matter where you are.” Imboden said.

The 4 homes built by DCI properties are all built on slabs so they don’t have basements. Homeowners won’t need flood insurance because they are out of the 100–year flood plain. Since there are no basements, there is ample storage in “secret” or “bonus” rooms in the attics of these homes. Things like, holiday decorations that one might store in their basement, will have a place in these upper rooms above the garages. All of the bonus rooms are finished off with drywall and electricity like the other rooms so one doesn’t have to use them for storage. The rooms can be used for living space as well.

The insulation used in these homes is blown into the walls. The exterior walls are 50% thicker than the way homes are commonly built. Insulation used in these homes is 3 times the R factor of regular batting insulation (the pink stuff). It is more expensive but makes the homes more energy efficient. It gets blown in wet and it expands as it dries for a tight, even fit. The lumber for the exterior framing is 2” x 6” instead of the usual 2” x 4” studs that builders normally use. This allows more insulation to be packed into the exterior walls. There is no chance for air to move around like there is with traditional insulation batting.

The smaller houses that are being built are about the same square footage as the larger showcase homes but they are going to have a third floor to them and a rooftop deck. The other difference between the skinnier homes and wider homes is these homes have master bedrooms on the second floor. According to Dave Imboden, “The rooftop decks are reinforced so people can have “parties at the WEBN fireworks. I imagine that this is where most people will spend their time, out on these decks. You can actually put a hot tub out here.” The lots have panoramic views of the Ohio River but with the added drama of the up close and personal views of the riverboats going by. The serenity you have here, only 2 miles from Downtown Cincinnati, is like nothing else. It is hard to believe that you are in an urban area when standing in these homes.

Watch tour here:


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