Dayton City Council Meeting 8/4/15

by Jennifer Sierra

Entire meeting can be viewed at the bottom of the article.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 12.47.36 PMThe Dayton Tharp Museum requested permission from Council to become an official board of the city.

The Army Corps of Engineers needs more information before they can continue with the river walk project. The $21,000 that City Council spent last year for the initial studies and development was refunded because Southbank partners funded it instead. The initial development will be the river walk that will span Northern Kentucky’s riverfront from Ludlow to Dayton.

There are issues with streets being in desperate need of repair. Dayton Pike is being repaved on Monday, August 10th. The street will be closed down for at least a day. Joe Neary addressed an issue where the equipment used for the Dayton Pike repairs are being kept in a residential district when not in use and he mentioned the noise and mess the citizens had to deal with. Campbell County granted them permission to put the road work equipment there, according to City Administrator Michael Giffen.

Council member Ben Baker also mentioned issues on Irvin Terrace where the streets have significant amount of damage. Giffen stated, “The Sanitation District has done a lot of repairs over the last few years and they have begun to fall in. There were some storms that occurred recently that have also contributed to the damage on Irvin Terrace. According to Mayor Boruske, it may take months to get repaired because entire lines under the road have to be repaired. Fortunately, there is no cost to the city so far.

The Bellevue Dayton Fire Board meeting is 8/19/15 at 6:00 PM at the Fire station.

Purple Poulet is set to open about the end of September. The restaurant will seat about 60 people with lots of chicken items on the menu. Their address is 603 Sixth Avenue. Kate’s Catering is also slated to open late August.

Jeff Volter, a local citizen, stood up to address council about the budget that was approved last month. “It appears that expenditures outweigh revenue significantly. I was wondering if there are revenue streams coming in over the next few years to buffer that issue.” Michael Giffen responded, “We sold the marina last year and that money went into economic development. At this point I don’t see any major revenue coming in other than the development on the river.” Volter went on to state that he was concerned that the surplus Dayton had in their budget at the end of 2014 would be gone quickly with the rate of current spending.

Council member Joe Neary requested all city council members receive copies of all checks the city clerk issues every month. Mayor Boruske agreed to send out the register every month through email to all council members.

Neary also brought up the Main Street Manager’s new duties with the code department. Mayor Boruske clarified that Main Street Manager Anthony Cadle will now be spending part of his time on code enforcement and part of his time on Main Street development. Neary said he was concerned with these new duties taking Cadle away from development of the Central Business District. Boruske said referring to the Main Street Program, “We have a lot of money invested in this. We want this to be a success. Main Street comes first for him. If he has to put 7 hours in on one day for main street development and as long as we get 20 at the end of the week, we are fine.”

View entire meeting here:


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