Get Involved with The Bellevue Athletic Boosters

by Katie Ashcraft

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 9.05.23 PMIt’s time to get involved! The Bellevue Athletic Boosters is an organization that was formed to boost, support, and promote a positive image of all the athletic programs at Bellevue High School; through fundraising events that have been board approved for all activities occurring both on and off school grounds. Over the past years the booster organization has supported the athletic programs by providing funds for new uniforms for softball, baseball and track teams along with the purchase of a new net for volleyball and new pom-poms for cheerleading. They have also provided funds for team meals for football and basketball programs. There is no athletic program that is untouched by the support of the booster’s organization.

Unfortunately, membership is at an all-time low and in order for this nonprofit organization to continue to provide ample support to the BHS athletic programs the Bellevue Athletic Boosters need your involvement. More volunteers are needed to attend regular meetings and to volunteer to help work various events or take on certain task throughout the 2015-2016 school year. Many fundraising opportunities have been missed out on because there is simply not enough manpower to operate them at this time. If there is an increase in membership this year then the organization will be able to conduct more fundraising which will in turn provide more support to the athletic programs at BHS. It is important that this organization continue to thrive and grow so that this support does not cease.

The Bellevue Athletic Boosters meet the first Tuesday of every month at the Loyal Café located in Bellevue. The meetings begin at 7pm. Consider becoming a volunteer and joining the organization in their efforts to support all student athletes at BHS. If there are any questions you can contact the Bellevue Athletic Boosters at


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