Bellevue’s Local Historic Districts Have New Design Guidelines!

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 11.16.11 PMThe Bellevue City Council on Wednesday, July 8, 2015 adopted “The City of Bellevue Historic Preservation Design Guidelines for the Taylor’s Daughter and Fairfield Avenue Historic Districts”. These guidelines were updated to assist property owners and the Bellevue historic preservation commission meet the obligations of the historic preservation ordinance adopted in 1987 with encouragement from the Kentucky Heritage Council to accomplish this. Corn Island Archaeology was brought in to facilitate the process and create the document. The project is funded by a Certified Local Government (CLG) grant with the city match consisting of volunteer and staff time contributions to the project.
The guideline task force team consisted of the Bellevue historic preservation commission members: Vic Camm, Ed Lovett, Bill Stoltz, Kara Finney, Sasha Voss, and Bud Wilson along with users of the guidelines Diane Witte, Sarah Archual, Joseph Lauer, and Donna Clawson. These community volunteers worked tirelessly reading, researching, making recommendations, and attending meetings to ensure the document was the best it could be for the community. What you find in the new version of the guidelines is a more user-friendly organization to the material, clarity, illustrations resources for additional information, detailed table of contents, helpful hints and much, much more.  The new sections are as follows:
·         Introduction
·         Historic Architectural Styles and Types in Bellevue
·         Local Historic Districts in Bellevue
·         Historic Site and Setting
·         Guidelines for Green Infrastructure and Sustainability
·         Foundation Walls
·         Exterior Building Walls
·         Guidelines for Commercial Storefronts
·         Guidelines for Windows
·         Doors, Entryways, and Stairs
·         Guidelines for Porches, Decks, and Stoops
·         Guidelines for Roofing Systems
·         Guidelines for Signage and Accessory Features
·         Guidelines for Garages and Outbuildings
·         Guidelines for Additions and New Construction
·         Guidelines for Demolition and Relocation
·         Glossary
·         Appendices

This document is helpful for all property owners in Bellevue who own historic structures, not only those within the historic districts. They provide helpful information on best practices to maintain your historic property as well as resources for further information. You’ll also find an overview of Bellevue’s building stock and why historic preservation is important to the community. You will be able to find the new document on the Bellevue city website. It is dedicated to Thomas J. Wiethorn for his efforts in bringing historic preservation ethic to our community that has resulted in economic development, community pride, and honoring our cultural resources.
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If you have any questions about the new guidelines, historic preservation, maintaining your historic property or other related topics please contact Jody Robinson at 292-4220 or Bellevue’s historic preservation office exists as a resource for you.


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