Local artist gets noticed on national reality show

by Jennifer Sierra

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.45.04 AMKentucky tattoo and body painting artist, Aryn Fox, is currently on a reality show on the Game Show Network. The show is called “Skin Wars” and it is a body painting competition. The show, hosted by Rebcca Romijn, airs every Wednesday evening at 9:00 PM on GSNTV. Skin Wars is Television’s first-ever body painting competition show and GSN’s most watched original series ever. The goal of the show is to find the most skillful, accomplished and versatile body painter in America. In its second season, twelve contestants compete in elaborate body painting challenges to avoid elimination and win over the approval of judges, including legendary entertainer RuPaul Charles. The winner receives a $100,000 cash prize, an all-expense paid trip for two to the World Body Painting Festival in Austria, and a nationally-distributed Royal and Langnickel custom brush collection with their name on it.Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 10.36.18 AM


Artist Aryn Fox with Q102 personality, Katie Walters

Artist and contestant Aryn Fox, has family in Dayton and Bellevue including recently retired Dayton High School teacher, Michelle Stross. Aryn Fox’s boyfriend, Bud Stross, is a partner at Dent Schoolhouse, Cincinnati’s premier haunted house. Aryn met Bud there while doing the make-up for the creatures that greet you while visiting the frightening schoolhouse. Aryn Fox is a renowned tattoo artist at Love Thy Neighbor Tattoo Shop in Finneytown, who was hand picked by a producer of the “Skin Wars” show while at a convention showing her work. Aryn is hard to miss on the show with her shocking, cool purple hair and piercing blue eyes. She is mysterious in the way one is drawn to her. While other contestants are catty and harsh, she is humble and soft spoken about her talents. Her executions are spot on and the judges are noticing her. She gets attention for her work and not causing chaos and drama. The art on the show is amazing to see and is something you might imagine in Vegas or Key West.


“Skin Wars” Axis Alley viewing party

Show this local lady some love and support her by heading over and watching the show together at Axis Alley. There are only 6 episodes left and so far Aryn is proving to be a tough competitor on the show. The party starts at 8:30 PM and the show airs at 9:00 PM. If you don’t have the Game Show Network and you want to see the show, there is a viewing party every Wednesday night at  Axis Alley at Newport on the Levee. If you have never been to Axis Alley, you should go. The food is out of this world and the service is great too. Try the “Shrimp and Fries” if you like spicy cuisine. It is a fun event on a summer Wednesday evening and a great way to support a local family and artist.


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