New Partnership, New Preschool Model for Dayton Schools

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 8.11.56 AMBlended program brings continuity in quality and curriculum to Dayton, Kentucky‘s preschool program. Covington-based nonprofit Children, Inc. will team up with the Dayton Independent School District to offer a blended preschool program beginning in August of this year. Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.20.05 AM

Dayton Schools provides a teacher for half of the day during the school year (Monday-Thursday) and Children, Inc. provides a credentialed teacher to assist.  After the half day, the Children, Inc. teacher stays with the children to extend the preschool program to a full day.  Another credentialed Children, Inc. teacher joins them to maintain a low teacher-to-child ratio and ensure personal learning for the children.  The entire program takes place on-site at Lincoln Elementary in the City of Dayton.  The program also offers extended hours (7 a.m.-6 p.m.) to accommodate working families.
The ability to extend the preschool day for children in the City of Dayton has long been on Dayton Schools Superintendent Jay Brewer’s mind.  “We are excited to bring a proven leader in early childhood education to the community of Dayton,” Brewer shares.  “Our partnership with Children, Inc. will allow us to grow our early childhood program.  It is imperative to the success of our students that they have excellent early childhood learning experiences and this is a tremendous step forward.”
For Children, Inc., a longtime provider of pre-Kindergarten care in various settings throughout Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, the model is a new way to partner with schools to promote kindergarten readiness and school success.  “This partnership tells families in Dayton that Superintendent Brewer is serious about a quality early learning experience for its young children.” Executive Director Rick Hulefeld says.  “More time spent in preschool means a much greater chance to be successful in school, and Children, Inc. is happy to share this program with Dayton Schools.”
Collaborative models such as this are increasing across the state as educators face the reality of limited resources and the growing need for an emphasis on kindergarten readiness.  Numerous additional benefits to these growing partnerships are outlined in a recent special report from Kentucky’s Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence (found here).
Children, Inc., a United Way Agency Partner, provides high quality, readily accessible child care, preschool and school-aged education programs with an emphasis on family success. Founded in 1977 in Northern Kentucky as an early childhood learning center, Children, Inc. has become an innovative network of education and development centers with additional built-in resources such as: home-based visitation for young mothers, service learning programs, professional resources and training, advocacy, and research-based music production. Learn more at Shot 2015-07-09 at 8.15.05 AM


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