Dayton’s fight against a bad image and the big clean-up for Homefest

by Jennifer Sierra, Video by Jimmy King

This month’s city council meeting can be watched here:

Council voted to make Fifth Street a one-way street again. The street will be now a one-way street heading west. Council member Joe Neary wanted to wait to change the direction. He also suggested a light at Walnut Street but was outvoted.

The next Neighborhood Watch meeting is scheduled for July 20th. Neighborhood Watch signs have been ordered. Notify Police Chief Halfhill know if you are interested in getting one. The vandalism that happened in the St. Francis cemetery last year is being prosecuted now and the criminals are being held accountable.

Council member Bill Burns asked BDFD Chief Auteri if there has been a decrease in overdoses recently and he said that it has slightly declined since January. Police Chief Halfhill added, “ The decrease has to do with education, the new heroin bills and support from the state. It is really helping out and we are starting to see a difference.”

Councilmember Jerry Gifford brought up the danger for cyclists and motorcyclists on Mary Ingles Highway. He is working with the county commissioner on a proposal to make it safer.

Council member Joe Neary mentioned that Dayton needs to get the city “shined” up over the next couple of months to prepare for the Homefest Home Show on the river this September. “We have 90 days to get this town looking better. There is a sense of urgency here.” Council member Jerry Gifford stated that WLW radio has a former baseball palyer, Tracy Jones , who has been saying negative things about the city of Dayton, Kentucky. Gifford wanted to know if there was something the city could do to put a stop to the comments “especially with the things coming up. That is a deterrent to keep businesses from coming here.” Council member Neary pointed out that Jones lives in Bellevue. The city Attorney stated because of the First Amendment right to free speech, there is not much the city can do about it.

Citizen Jeff Volter got up to address council regarding the Buona Vita Restaurant in the Central Business District. “Buona Vita is one of the few successful businesses in town and it would be a huge loss if they decide to leave. I think they are probably close to that point. I could be wrong but it seems in recent months, they have been the target of several code enforcement issues. Some of those code enforcement issues were legitimate but I see a lot of other issues in the city that need more attention than those issues.” Council member Jerry Gifford stated he would go down to the restaurant to speak to the owners. Volter then mentioned an issue with the trash ordinance and the amount of trash left by Mayor Boruske’s business. For questions regarding the amount of trash one can leave out, go to the city’s webiste,, or click here. City Manager Michael Giffen spoke to Jeff Volter’s concern about Buona Vita and he said the code enforcement issues were aimed at the rental property they owned not the restaurant.

The Civic Club is putting on a Kite Festival on October 10th. Kites are available for free to all kids that attend. Bellevue has been invited to participate as well. The next Civic club meeting is July 15th at the VFW.

Dayton’s next city council meeting is August 4th at the Dayton Board of Education at 7:00 PM.


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