Red Bike stations are officially in Bellevue now!

by Jennifer Sierra

red bikes in stationA Red Bike station has been approved for Ward Avenue in Bellevue and one is already in place at the Port Bellevue location next to Joe’s Crab Shack. $28,000 in Funding for the stations was approved by BURCDA (Bellevue’s Urban Renewal Program) last night. The other funding to support the program came from funds raised by local citizens and businesses specifically for this purpose. According to Council Member Steve Guidugli, no money from the general fund was used to fund the stations. Specifically, no tax money was used to fund the Red Bike stations.

Guidugli was on the fence about the Red Bike Program in the beginning but had a change of heart after learning more about the program and how it impacts the local vibe of an urban town.” I saw the new Red Bike Station at the Port of Bellevue on Sunday after the station had been installed and 6 out of the 10 bikes installed had been checked out. I went further down the Avenue and saw 2 of the bikes in front of Schneider’s Ice Cream Shop. While it may not directly raise funds fort the city, it has an affect on the economy indirectly for sure. If Dayton doesn’t get a Red Bike station, they will lose out on the economic stimulation Red Bike can provide to their Central Business District. What I would really like to see is Dayton and Bellevue join forces to get TANK to put us in on the Southbank Shuttle route through downtown Cincinnati.”

In the words of the great Freddie Mercury:

Bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle bicycle bicycle
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride my bike
I want to ride my bicycle
I want to ride it where I like!


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