City Council Meeting 6-3-15 – Traffic and blight were big topics

by Jennifer Sierra

IMG_9224Watch meeting in full here: June 2015 City Council meeting

The city council meeting was shorter than most in Dayton. Michael Giffen spoke about the installation of the security cameras around town that were part of a Homeland Security Grant awarded to Dayton last year. The $46,000 grant was awarded to Dayton for the installation of the cameras and Dayton is looking at bids to install them. Bill Burns is worried about the state of Homeland Security at the National Level affecting this grant.

The city has received complaints about incoming traffic of trucks coming onto 5th and O’Fallon. Mayor Boruske and several council members feel it is best to turn 5th Street into a one-way street again. There was some discussion and disagreement by council members about the issue so they decided to table the topic until they could hear more from the residents in the 100 block of 5th Street. Next month they will be voting on this issue so if you live on or near 5th Street and you are impacted by this decision, you won’t want to miss July’s meeting.

410 8th street was brought up as a problem property. Jerry Gifford brought this up and wanted to know what Dayton can do with it. “It is dangerous,” Gifford said. The new codes officer, Annie Wuestefeld, reported on the properties she has been citing for codes violations. Council member Joe Neary spoke up while looking at Wuestefeld’s list “There are 63 (violations) listed here and multiple ones for the same address. I found it interesting that, looking at the addresses, 22 are owner occupied… and 36 are not, “ said Neary, making the point about the status of rental property owners and how they care or don’t care for their properties in Dayton. “Out of those 63, 52 (citations) are for trash and grass, which, are 11 others for structural problems? Have you been sending out warning letters on peeling paint, etc.?” Wuestefeld responded, “Right now we have been doing just high grass, weeds and trash and vehicles. We had to redo all of the letters first. I knew it was going to be the biggest thing.” Council member Burns noted that Wuestefeld had even sent the city of Dayton a violation letter. “You are very non-partial,” Burns said. Council member Neary would like to see an on-line forum for blight reporting where people would be able to report blight anonymously.

Any pit bull ordinance change has not been presented to the city of Dayton yet. According to the city of Dayton’s ordinance there are no pit bulls allowed in Dayton.

Council member Neary noted that the camera the city uses to record the council meetings is 10-years old and they always have to stop and change the tapes in the middle of the meetings. Council member Burns noted that it takes the city weeks months to upload their meetings to their web site for citizens to watch. Jimmy Lee King from The Bellevue Dayton Sun stood up to announce that the Bellevue Dayton Sun offered to put the meetings up on the internet free for the city but never got a response. There was no response to his comment on this from council. As always, The Bellevue Dayton Sun has the city council meetings from Dayton posted in full within 1-2 days of the meetings.

Watch meeting in full here: June 2015 City Council meeting


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  1. Thanks for these summaries. I appreciate your time and effort. I like to stay up to date on things but I don’t want to watch hours of council meetings. These posts are great!


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