Summer is a Time to GROW!

by Jay Brewer, Superintendent of Dayton Public Schools

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 10.20.05 AMOften we have the mindset that summer is at time to kick back and relax. I believe that summer is a great opportunity to GROW in other areas. We need to remember that we are our own product. By this I mean we need to envision ourselves as someone that is always learning, improving, and getting better. We need to realize that we need to continuously build into ourselves and make ourselves better. The importance of self-education and investing in your own personal development is a critical aspect of success. One of my favorite quotes comes from Jim Rohn in his book “My Philosophy of Living.” He states, “Don’t wish your life were easier, but instead focus on making yourself better.” I totally agree!

My number one recommendation in personal growth is to read! Reading can take you places that you can’t afford to go, reading can allow you to experience things you are unable to experience, and reading can introduce you to ideas you couldn’t possibly think of. Reading also allows you to bring different cultures, perspectives, histories, and people into your life.

As we look at summer opportunities we are looking to get better!   We have put great effort into expanded programming for our students. We greatly appreciate the efforts of our YMCA and United Way in supporting and leading many of these programs. I am excited about the book initiative at Lincoln to provide a box of books for EACH student for summer reading. Lincoln will also have their library open for students this summer. The high school and middle school have also expanded reading opportunities for students this summer including summer reading programs and book studies. Our Little Library is up and going at the entrance of DHS.

If you want to GROW…go READ!


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