Memorial Day Events not impaired by rain

by Jennifer Sierra

IMG_3114The Bellevue Dayton Memorial Day Parade went off without a hitch in spite of a rainy start. Mayor Boruske of Dayton and Mayor Riehl of Bellevue, Kentucky kicked things off at the Veterans Memorial in Dayton, Kentucky. Droves of people still turned out to show their support of the local veterans and their families, many of them showing up at 9:00 AM to put their lawn chairs out on the sidewalks to save a good seat to view the parade. As usual many local businesses also participated in the parade. Soon after the parade started, the rain stopped. The Bellevue Band of Gold and the Dayton High School Band marched as well as many local dance companies. Politicians threw out candy and Glier’s Goetta was even thrown out to the bystanders. Where else can you see that?

Mayors at first annual O'Fallonfest

Mayors at first annual O’Fallonfest

The mayors from Dayton and Bellevue also showed up at the First Annual O’Fallonfest. O’Fallon is the street that is the border between the 2 cities of Dayton and Bellevue. O’Fallonfest is a street party designed to bring both communities together. The street was closed off and residents of Dayton and Bellevue came together to eat and play games. A small but decent crowd showed up to take part in the festivities at the street party.

We have created a video of highlights from the day in case you missed it. Watch here:


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