One to One Reading Program

by Katie Ashcraft

10686954_10206983283644318_8831752919683244173_nOn May 14, 2015 students at Grandview Elementary enjoyed an early morning celebration that wrapped up the One to One reading program they participated in this school year. One to One is a reading program that allows adults and high school students the opportunity to play an integral role in helping struggling readers with the support they need to be successful in reading. The reading coaches met with the students twice a week providing the opportunity for them to practice their reading in a risk free environment where they can learn at their own pace.

This celebration took place in the library at Grandview Elementary offering breakfast, awards, and much gratitude for the programs participants and volunteers. As a token of appreciation all high school reading coaches and adult reading coaches received a star pin along with thank you cards from the student readers. The student readers received a ribbon, pencil, bracelet, and a book marker with a timer that encourages reading for fifteen to twenty minutes a day.

Programs such as One to One have shown strong evidence of effectiveness and improved literacy skills. The continued implementation of this program in the Bellevue School system was headed by Regina Welscher, Title 1 Teacher, along with several other staff members who came together to organize this program. It was also made successful by the volunteers who dedicated themselves to becoming reading coaches. Much gratitude was shown by students and staff to this year’s reading coaches:

High School Student Coaches:

Amelia Beatsch

Abby Buckler

Cameron Chase

Matthew Fryman

Alec Hazeres

Cheyenne Maehrn

Tyler Noonchester

Gracie Randolph

Kira Ross

Briley Seiter

Jordan Smith

Brittany Strunk

Cody Strunk

Hunter Swope

Adult Coaches:

Mike Fair

Heather Johnson


The One to One reading program will continue in the upcoming school year 2015-2016. If you would like to know more about the program or think you may want to become a coach, please check out the Northern Kentucky Education Council website at .


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