Belleuve, Kentucky – CITY-WIDE YARD SALE

Screen Shot 2015-05-10 at 10.09.31 PMBellevue Renaissance is hosting the City-Wide Yard Sale on Saturday, June 20th beginning at 8 am.

You have three options to get involved:

  1. Host a yard sale,
  2. Be a treasure hunter and seek out the 100+ sales,
  3. Do both 1 & 2!

The permit and fee are waived to encourage residents to participate. All you need to do is contact the city by stopping by or calling 431-8888 or 431-8866 to let us know the address of your yard sale. If you’d prefer to send an email with your address to and Jody will make sure you’re on the list. We’re asking for your address so we can place you on the yard sale map. We’re running a classified ad in the Enquirer and utilizing social media, so please help spread the word. The City-Wide Yard Sale is an opportunity to find treasures, meet neighbors, and visit every corner of our city.


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