Avenue Brew shows off a new look

by Jimmy Lee KingScreen Shot 2015-05-08 at 3.34.46 PM

Avenue Brew is owned by Larry Brondhaber and Christine Brondhaber. This unique coffee shop is located in the heart of Bellevue, Kentucky on the main strip, Route 8 aka Fairfield Avenue. Nestled among many mom and pop shops that have grown in the past several years, Belleuve is clean, healthy and thriving with lots of people from all around the tri-state area coming to patronize the businesses here.

Avenue Brew is coming up on it’s 5th year in business and is going through it’s third remodel to keep up with the growing demand of customers. There will be a remodeling reopening party on Saturday May 16th 2015, 4PM to 8PM. Everyone is invited.

If you haven’t been to Avenue Brew, it’s a great coffee place with a lot more to offer. Avenue Brew has great food that is prepared on the premises with love by the owners. Their menu is very eclectic, ranging from healthy muffins to great breakfast sandwiches and much more. The have a long list of specialty coffee drinks and pretty much everything you could expect from perhaps a place in Venice Beach, California. The vibe is very laid back and you’re encouraged to spend as much time as you want just hanging out. You can buy one mug of coffee and fill it up all day if you like.

Christine is full of energy and life while Larry is seldom heard or seen. They are a dynamic couple and treat everyone like family. When you walk in the door you’re greeted warmly and when you leave you’re going to hear a “goodbye”. The idea is that this is a place to stretch out and be comfortable like a second home.

You’re welcome to bring your pets. They have a spot in the back that’s an open deck. You can order and then take your food or drinks out back with your pets. They have water dishes for pets out front on the sidewalk too. I encourage you to stop in and try Avenue Brew at least once. After you do, I’m betting you will come back for more.

Sit back and have a cup of coffee and watch an in depth interview with the owners here:


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  1. The feel of a Manhattan coffee shop with small town hospitality, fantastic coffee and a great breakfast/lunch menu. At the Brew, everyone is family!


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