One Year in One Picture

Mr. Smith, you are still their king even though you didn’t get the crown. Your profession is a noble one. Bellevue is lucky to have a guy like you.


On Friday, April 24th, I went to prom. I had neither a date nor a bowtie, and I showed up well past what would be considered fashionably late, but I went to prom. The last time I went to prom was 26 years ago. My hair was darker then, and, from what I remember, my life was consumed with the ending of high school and the many pieces of impending adulthood that needed to be assembled. I have the privilege of age and experience these days, which has also afforded me the time to reflect. I was an 18 year old senior in the spring of 1989, so in that regard, going to prom seemed like old hat. I’ve lived it, and thought I knew all about its symbols and traditions. I was wrong.

I entered the reception hall with about an hour left in prom just as the king…

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