Manda Metz – The winner of the May Photo Contest

by Jennifer Sierra

BDSun Cover pic May 2015Manda Metz of Dayton, Kentucky is the winner of the Bellevue Dayton Sun’s May photo contest. “I love taking sports photo/action shots. Taking hundreds of pictures at different sporting events mainly Youth League and high school and getting home to find that Amazing action shot!” Metz has been taking pictures for years as a hobby and to help other friends and families. “I do not have a photography business. Most pictures are posted to my facebook account where  parents and students are welcome to tag, save, print or share.”

Her favorite subjects to photograph are people. “The goofier the better, silly faces, silly poses. Senior photos are always fun, the kids come up with some really crazy ideas and places to have their pictures taken,” Manda adds.

She has lived in Dayton for 17 years and works at the Lincoln Elementary Cafeteria. Manda has 4 kids, 2 who have already graduated from Dayton High School. One of her favorite pastimes is taking pictures of just about anything and everything.

When asked what she thinks about Dayton, “I Think Dayton is an amazing place to live. Sure there is good and bad about Dayton, but to me the good outweighs the bad. I like that everyone knows everyone. I like that I have seen so many kids graduate from Dayton and then come back to help or work for the school either as teachers, staff members or coaches, even volunteer with the youth league coaching.”

Manda Metz’s photograph was special to us because it really captures a mood and could have been taken in either town of Dayton or Bellevue. It also reminds us of our newspaper tagline, “Shining a light on our shared communities.” Be sure to keep looking up, you never know what kind of beautiful sky you will see in our Ohio River Valley!


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