Dayton Independent Schools – students and daycare employee go above and beyond

Samantha Scott, Athlete of the Month April 2015

Samantha Scott, Athlete of the Month April 2015

Samantha (Sam) Scott is the Dayton Independent Schools Athlete of the Month for April. Sam is a dedicated student-athlete who works hard to reach her goals while at the same time she pushes her teammates to aspire to be more. She is a born leader that leads by example, working hard on improving her game and helping the younger players. She has committed to playing fast pitch at the collegiate level for Union College. Currently Sam plays third base and also pitches. Her batting average is currently a .364 and in five mound appearances she has struck out 23 opponents. Sam’s GPA is 3.5.

Dana Willen - Artist of the Month  April 2015

Dana Willen – Artist of the Month April 2015

Freshman, Dana Willen, is the April Artist of the Month for Dayton Independent Schools. Dana always gives her best on each project. She shows patience in her work and has helped a new student. She made her feel welcome to class and helps her to understand the content.


We want to recognize Heather Cook- Kiefer as the April “Inspire, Engage, and Grow” Employee of the Month for Dayton Independent Schools. Many of the Dayton staff have sent their precious children to our daycare, some as soon as six weeks old. As a parent you hate that you have to drop your babies off anywhere other than home, but as many staff have professed, it doesn’t take Heather Cook-Kiefer long to make them feel like they are dropping off with a family member.

Heather and Robin, (and other staff) go above and beyond to care for the children. They not only treat every child like their own, they are always there to help out in an emergency.

One staff parent’s testimony, “When I am at home, my son talks about all his friends and his daycare moms. If we see them out, he runs to them, because he truly loves them. It makes me so happy and comforted that he has this relationship them. My son already has a love for school because of our daycare staff. He is excited every morning and says he is ready to go to school. I could babble on forever about how much I love the staff and how wonderful they’ve been. I feel so blessed that my child has had the opportunity to spend his days with this ‘extended family.’”

Another staff member said, “We are so thankful for their continued focus on developmental skills. They have taught my daughter so much. She is developing so much more quickly than I expected, and I know that is partially due to all the hard work being put in with her when she is at daycare.”

From the leadership perspective, Heather takes great ownership of her program. She is a great problem solver and runs an outstanding program. If there ever was a model program in which “people make the difference…it is Dayton Schools Daycare!”

Heather’s long-term commitment to inspiring, engaging, and growing our littlest greendevils makes her an integral part to the Dayton team.

Lincoln Elementary Students of the Month

Kindergarten: Nick Pack – Mrs. Jellison; Ashlyn Hard-Mrs. Ridder; Brooklyn Moreno – Mrs. Stuempel

1st Grade: Justin Payne – Mrs. Berringer; Brendan White – Mrs. Chenot; Ella Boyers – Mrs. Litzler; Faith Kelly – Mrs. Wiggins

2nd Grade: Arrianna Russell – Mrs. Griffith; Kaleb Baker – Mrs. Clifton; Nevaeh Naranjo – Mrs. Feldman; Skye Buttery – Principal Pick

3rd Grade: D’angelo Jimmenez – Mrs. Sceifres; Madison Hard – Mrs. Jaspers; Jersie McIntosh – Mrs. Grainger; Cameron Dykes – Mrs. Young

4th Grade: Cooper Sparks

5th Grade: Talia Stockton

6th Grade: Haley Peelman, Savannah Panetta.


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