Funding for Red Bike stations in Bellevue gaining momentum

by Jennifer Sierra

Red Bike logoThere is a movement spinning quietly among a core group of progressive people who live and/or work in Bellevue. Their goal is to raise the $100,000.00 needed to install two Red Bike stations within the city. This group believes that Red Bike stations are important in presenting what kind of city Bellevue is, even in the face of opposition from some who claim that such spending would be frivolous and prefer that the money go elsewhere. The proposed locations for the Red Bike stations in Bellevue are the corners of Fairfield & Ward and Riverboat Row & Riviera (at the entrance to the parking lot for Joe’s Crab Shack).

Fairfield and Ward location

Fairfield and Ward location

Riviera Drive and  Riverboat Row

Riviera Drive and Riverboat Row

According to Red Bike, bicycle sharing is a convenient, low-cost, healthy, and green transportation system. It is designed for short, point-to-point trips and serves to increase mobility for people in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati. The bikes are easy to rent and use. They also have baskets to help riders transport goods.

Over 25 major cities in the United States—including Denver, Houston, Charlotte, Chicago, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.—host bike-sharing programs, and many more cities are exploring ways to put such programs into place.

The all-volunteer group of Red Bike supporters in Bellevue is growing and they are gaining momentum. Led by Mackey McNeill of Mackey Advisors, which is located on Fairfield Avenue, the group has secured nearly $29,000.00—and the fundraiser is barely a week old. Many businesses and private citizens have donated or promised to donate money to the effort of getting the new Red Bike stations built, something to which the city of Bellevue has yet to commit funds. “The fundraiser will last as long as it takes to raise the money, hopefully within the next 30 days, and if we don’t, we will just keep going,” says McNeill.

McNeill’s firm has donated $2,500.00 to the Red Bike program. Additionally, Southbank has committed $20,000.00, Weller Haus Bed and Breakfast has put in $2,500.00, Salon 501 has given $1,000.00, and an anonymous donor has contributed $2,500.00. New Riff Distillery and The Party Source have pledged to contribute, as well, but exact amounts have not yet been determined.

Peggy Holthaus Hughes, Senior Group Sales Manager for the Aronoff Center in Cincinnati, has arranged Red Bike fundraising via ticketing for select performances of I Love Lucy Live on Stage, which is set to play in June. For each ticket sold through this promotion, a $10.00 donation will be given to the Bellevue Red Bike initiative. This offer is available for the dates of June 2, 3, and 4, as well as both matinee and evening shows on June 6. For tickets, follow this link and use promo code REDBIKE (code is case sensitive):

There are other ways to participate in fundraising for the Bellevue Red Bike project. The document below outlines several levels of sponsorship for Red Bike, including an opportunity to attend a private preview opening of Darkness Brewery, which is scheduled to open in the fall of 2015.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 9.21.54 PM


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