Beth Nyman – The winner of the April Photo Contest

By Jennifer Sierra

BDSun Cover pic April 2015Beth Nyman of Dayton, Kentucky is the winner for the Bellevue Dayton Sun’s April Photo Contest. She likes photographs that draw her into the moment. “Sometimes photographs can create a subtle but magical reinterpretation of what you can see right in front of you, but you really don’t SEE until you study the photograph. They catch the little things”, Nyman states.  She is not a professional photographer, but in fact a self-proclaimed “technophobe”. “I find no technology to be “intuitive”. The iPhone is so amazing though, the ability to collect high quality images and video at the spur of the moment and put them in your pocket, fully developed and ready to send anywhere in the world instantly never fails to amaze me. I tell my children that not long ago VCR’s were a miracle and we took our negatives to Walgreen’s to be developed. I know they don’t hear me or understand what I’m trying to say, they just make dinosaur jokes.”

Beth Nyman has been making it her goal to take more pictures of her family. She is amazed how people constantly change. “It stuns me how people are constantly changing, like those stop animation movies of flowers blooming. It’s cool but a little sad too. I was under the impression that I took a lot of pictures of them but when I uploaded my camera last week the pictures were mostly of furniture and artwork, buildings and houses, and decorative household items. I’m not sure why I take so many pictures of these kind of things.”

Nyman has lived with her family in Dayton for the last year and a half but is originally from Chicago. She lived in Hyde Park and Fort Thomas but found her current home on Trulia (a real estate web site). She said, “Even though I lived in Fort Thomas for close to 14 years I wasn’t exactly sure where Dayton was. I had to MapQuest to find the house.” When asked what she thinks about Dayton, Kentucky, Nyman said, “Since last year I’ve been volunteering for the Dayton Main Street Board and I’ve met a lot of great people there, and I also have some very nice neighbors. I think this town has some of the problems that all small towns have been facing in recent years but I’ve found that there’s a lot of good energy here. People really care about protecting this town and finding ways to strengthen it. Originally, my family moved here because we fell in love with a house, but I think Dayton itself is a pretty cool place, I’m glad we came.”


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