Movie Review – “Home” by Dreamworks

by Jimmy Lee King

30d21b54bc332346981815a39cb2369fDreamworks‘, newest release is Home. An alien race (The Boov) takes over earth and transplants all humans to one remaining colony. There is one little girl who gets missed in the transplant, Tip (voice of Rihanna). Within the aliens there is one odd ball, named Oh, (voice of Jim Parsons) who is different from the others and causes a lot of trouble. His problem is that he is overly friendly and all the other aliens are annoyed with him. Oh gets banished from earth so he escapes as a fugitive. During his escape he runs into Tip who, after realizing she is the last human on earth, sets out to find her mother Lucy (voice of Jennifer Lopez). Oh and Tip become unlikely friends and work to help each other in their separate quests.

Oh, builds a car that can fly fueled by slushies. As they make their way across the Atlantic ocean they become friends. A very cute scene where Oh starts dancing to music is where the two start to mesh together as buddies. They continue on to Australia which is where all the humans have been put to live as a colony. This is where Tip seeks out to find her Mother and, as you can imagine, is like a needle in a haystack.

All this is going on while The Boov have been chased by another alien race (The Gorg) intent on destroying the Boov wherever they find them. So as you can imagine at some point The Gorg finds The Boov on planet Earth. The complete annihilation of the planet is in store for humans and The Boov.

Oh’s voice is a big part of the movie. Jim Parson’s voice is perfect for the character and you instantly believe it. He sounds like what a friendly child goblin might sound like and he’s fun to listen to.d54aeaa864fd493fb2f68a966826378c

Tip’s voice is also done very well by Rihanna. She really pulls off the essence of a young girl. Oh’s and Tip’s voices work very well together in the movie as they become partners.

There are other great voices you get to hear in the movie : Steve Martin is Captain Smek and Jennifer Lopez is Lucy Tip’s Mom.

The look and feel of the movie is like looking at your favorite candy or like the inside of Willy Wonka’s factory. It’s so colorful and interesting to watch. It is a wonder and a miracle of technology that children and adults can enjoy together.
Grade: B+

Please remember turn off your cell phones when attending a movie at a theater.


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