The luck of the Irish shines at Grandview Elementary!

by Jennifer Sierra

Over 300 people showed up for the WATCHD.O.G.S. meeting held at Grandview Elementary School last night. It was an amazing turnout of fathers and kids on a St. Patrick’s Day evening. Fathers talked to one another and kids ate pizza and colored. Superintendent Smith spoke as well as Grandview’s Principal David Fuller. They both appealed to the crowd as fathers first. That is why this program is so important to the community. As outlined in an earlier article, The Bellevue Dayton Sun published on the WATCHD.O.G.S. program, the involvement of parents in their children’s school lives decreases the chances of getting involved in bad activities as well as improves their grades.


Dave Clark and his children; David, Bella and Brianna

Dave Clark and his children; David, Bella and Brianna

One father, David Clark, was there with his 3 children. He had a bad back and could barely walk but was there with his kids and was completely focused on them the entire time. While other fathers were out drinking at their local pubs on St. Patrick’s Day, these fathers were having pizza with their kids and learning how to get more involved in their children’s lives. The luck of the Irish was indeed at Grandview Elementary School and the students whose fathers cared enough to show up for them.

For more information about this program and how you can get involved go to Be a great influence on a kid on your life and be a WATCHD.O.G.!

Watch a part of the program here: WATCHD.O.G. S. Program at Grandview ElementaryScreen Shot 2015-03-18 at 4.50.01 PM


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  1. How come I can not see your video on the WatchDogs program at Grandview.. are you blocking me because I do not agree with all your writings or because I did not vote for you?


  2. I guess all the fathers who did not show up were hanging in the bars getting drunk, and not caring about their kids. OR maybe they had to work and make a living so their children could go to school. maybe they do not have fathers. Where do you get off saying just because the father was not there on St. Pats day that they were hanging in bars.Shame on you for judging other people when you do not know the situation.


  3. Unfortunately many fathers like to post pictures of themselves on FB getting drunk at bars on St. Patty’s day. A picture is worth 1000 words. However, I am a little surprised to read that in an informative article.


  4. Dear Anonymous I would love to see some of these so called photos. and are these photos fathers from Bellevue????? the person who wrote this article ,did it for one reason. she thinks she is better than anyone else and she wanted to once again tear down a city with lies that she says she is try to unite. She did her best in Dayton to tear the citizens apart and so she ran for council, she lost big time, as the citizens of Dayton are smarter then she gave them credit for.SO ANONYMOUS, YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY. LETS SEE WHO YOU ARE AND LETS SEE THESE PHOTOS……


  5. So the fathers who did not show up because they are working do not care for their children? Wow, someone is very judgemental!


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