New MARKET for Bellevue and Dayton to shop!

There is a new marketplace in Bellevue and Dayton for shopping. It is coming in April on The Bellevue Dayton Sun. Do you have stuff to sell or a service, like babysitting, you want to promote? Maybe you are an entrepreneurial teenager and you would like to advertise that you are available for snow shoveling during the winter and mowing grass in the summer. Now there is a place to do that in our community.



All listings are free and will be shown for 1 month. Submissions need to be made by the 25th of every month and should include the following information:

1) Item or service for sale with price (hourly or flat rate)

2) Description (up to 150 words) and pictures (up to 3) of items or services for sale

3) Seller contact information – phone number and email

Email all submissions to by the 25th of each month. If you want something to appear every month, you must resubmit it every month.

All sales are through you, the seller. The Bellevue Dayton Sun take no commission. So get to it! Clean out your closets! Get your spring cleaning and organizing done and make a little money!

Sell your items on the BD SUN MARKET or be the shopper and get some cool finds!


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