Bellevue Winter Carnival Crowded

by Jennifer Sierra

IMG_2677Ironically, after being postponed due to snow, last Saturday, Bellevue, Kentucky held their first Winter Carnival on the Avenue. The event was designed to attract people to the stores in Bellevue. The sidewalks were crowded with people and piles of snow. The stores were bustling like it was Christmas Eve at the mall. Each store had something different to bring customers with children into their shops. One had a snowball toss and face painting, another store had cookie decorating and a magician by the name of Presto Paul went from business to business, performing various magic tricks. There was a store giving away magic wands and many of the stores gave away cookies and candy to patrons. The atmosphere indeed took one back in time and it seemed like any Main Street in America on Christmas Eve 50 years ago.

There were lots of kids carrying wands and dressed up like princesses with hopes of seeing Elsa and Anna from Disney’s Frozen. The line to see the stars of the this event started before tIMG_2674he princesses of Frozen were there. As the line grew down the block to see Elsa and Anna, many of those hopes turned into tears and frustration. Anna and Elsa were tucked away in Witt’s End Candy store and many children and parents didn’t have the patience to wait in line to see them. One store owner, apparently frustrated at the line blocking the entrance to his store, came out and announced emphatically that other stores had attractions to see as well and he listed the schedule of events and attractions hosted by the other establishments. The line didn’t budge. There was s snowman strolling around hugging and greeting kids. While it wasn’t Olaf, the snowman from Frozen, it did make kids smile and added a festive touch to the event.

By the looks of the crowd of shoppers and the lack of parking, the event seemed successful. Once the numbers come in from the stores, The Bellevue Renaissance, the event organizers, will know how successful the event actually was. One can plan on another Winter Carnival but will they get Anna and Elsa again? How can you top that? Santa doesn’t even draw that kind of a crowd.



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