Sarah Lentini – Winner of Photo Contest

by Jennifer Sierra

Sarah Lentini

Sarah Lentini

The March winner of our Bellevue Dayton Sun Photo Contest is Sarah Lentini. Sarah has been a photographer for 15 years. She attended Antonelli College in Cincinnati where she graduated in 2002 with an Associates Degree in Photography.

When asked what she enjoys taking pictures of she said, “anything that catches my eye; mostly nature and animals.” She is inspired by “the beauty of nature, the uniqueness of people and preserving history.”

Sarah has lived in Bellevue since 2013. She grew up in Cold Spring but lived in Fairfield, Ohio for 7 years before moving back to Kentucky. She is married to her husband, John and has a 2.5 year old son, Teddy. She loves crafting, painting, ceramics, thrift shopping and restoring old photographs.

What does she think about Bellevue? “I love my town. People are friendly and willing to help their neighbors.  You don’t get that many places.  I enjoy the historical aspects of Bellevue which gives it a uniqueness.  It certainly makes it easy to photograph.”

Feel free to check out more of Sarah’s work on her Facebook page.




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