How Far Can We Grow? – A letter from Dayton Independent School Superintendent, Jay Brewer

by Jay Brewer, Superintendent of Dayton Independent Schools

Dayton School Logo

Sometimes you have to pause and celebrate!

We are super proud that we are well on our way of accomplishing one of our goals. Our staff, parents, students, and community are to be congratulated for the fabulous student growth occurring in our district. This week our district kindergarten thru 12th grade enrollment is at 930 students. In August of 2014, we had 828 students. This increase of over 100 students in a year and half has us all optimistic about what comes next. This is our highest student enrollment since 2007-2008 school year.

That leads us directly to the question, “How far can we Grow?” I answer that with a firm, “As far as we will allow us to Grow!” I say, why limit yourself with a number that sets a limit on what you can become. I also strongly believe that your limits are placed upon you by you, not by someone else.

Everyone has worked hard to improve our schools and the efforts are starting to show. The outlook for the 2015-2016 school year is bright as we are now starting to build back staffing to our schools that were cut the past two years. This additional staffing will reduce class size at the elementary school and add programs for students at the high school and middle school.

We greatly appreciate your continued support!


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