Dayton, Kentucky City Council meeting 3/3/15

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by Jennifer Sierra

At last month’s Bellevue, Kentucky City Council meeting, agendas were given out and made public on their city’s web site prior to the council meetings, in an effort to be more transparent to their citizens. No meeting agenda was given out at the Dayton, Kentucky City Council meeting like they are in Bellevue, Kentucky.

A temporary attorney has been assigned to fill in for the late City Attorney, Jack Fischer. Tom Edge from Campbell County Attorney Steve Franzen’s office will be filling in as city attorney for Dayton, Kentucky until a new one is appointed.

IMG_2659Police Chief David Halfhill introduced the SentiGuard app for mobile phone users to anonymously notify police in Dayton, Kentucky when crimes are being committed or suspicious activity is happening. Halfhill said that the program is free for the city of Dayton for one year but did not disclose how much the program would cost the city after that. The reports go directly to email and all reports are anonymous. Halfhill said they were already getting anonymous tips with the app. The official introduction will happen at the Neighborhood Watch meeting at the First Baptist Church of Dayton on May 9th at 7:00 PM. Chief Halfhill announced that the department’s cruisers will have a new striping package as well as light bars on the top of the vehicles. The cost to of the vehicle upgrades comes out of the Dayton Police Department’s annual Budget.

The announcement was made this evening that current code enforcement officer, Don Riley, will be retiring this month and they have hired a replacement from Independence, Kentucky. Her name is Annie Wuestefeld.  A motion was made to accept the hiring of the new code enforcement officer but Joe Neary said that council didn’t need to have council’s approval that it was the Mayor’s decision. Council member Neary went on to say he would like to have seen the applicant’s resume if they were going to have put the decision to a vote of council. The city had over 200 people apply for the city clerk’s position and they hope to have decision made by next month’s meeting.

Fire Chief Auteri reported that he was given permission by the fire board to apply for the Safer Grant which would allow him to hire 3 new fire fighters at the Bellevue Dayton Fire Department. His grant application needs to be in by Friday. Council member Joe Neary noted to council that they needed to be prepared to pay for the salaries of the new personnel after 2 years. The first 2 years of salaries would be covered by the Safer Grant and the 3rd year the cost for the salaries to the cities would be over $200,000 per year. Council member Joey Tucker wanted to know if we hired more fire fighters, would the city then have to outfit them with additional equipment as well as pay for their salaries? Auteri said, “No.”

Main Street Manager, Anthony Cadle, introduced a new business opening up in the old St. Vincent DePaul store. Kaitlin Banks will be opening a catering business there. Her business is currently in Anderson Township. She offers personal chef services and cooking instruction as well as catering corporate and special events. She will also have lunch and dinner take-out. Anthony Cadle also gave an update on the CCAP program that he introduced at last month’s city council meeting. He stated that because of the untimely passing of Jack Fischer, they would have to delay the release of the program another month.

Justine Ryan from the YMCA announced a fundraiser for the YMCA at the New Riff Distillery in Newport. For more information go to Third Annual Murriner Culinary Experience. It is March 15th, 2015 from 4:30 until 7:30 PM. She thanked Jeff Volter for being on the YMCA Board and she announced they are looking for donations for the event.

Former Council Member Cathy Volter stood up to say, “We have lost a great resource, a great mind. Jack Fischer was professional to the max. He was honest and all of his decisions were based on the law. There was no gray area. Jack loved his wife, kids and grandkids. Please remember him by making donations to the Dayton High School fund so kids could have scholarships in his name.”

A gentleman bearing a striking resemblance to the late, Jack Fischer, stepped up to the podium. He introduced himself as Joe Fischer, Jack’s brother, who serves on the state legislature. He thanked the EMS crew for the work they did to try to save Jack’s life. He said , “After college Jack made his Dayton his home and never left.”

Jimmy Lee King stood up to address an accusation that he was not following Robert’s Rules of Order at last month’s Planning and Zoning meeting when he spoke up about the board voting to postpone the vote of the riverfront development without hearing the developer’s amended plans. The city attorney, Tom Edge addressed the issue and stated that most Planning and Zoning Boards do not operate using Robert’s Rules of Order.  Jimmy King also addressed the issue of the unorganized and unprofessional way the meeting occurred and how it would deter future businesses from wanting to come to Dayton. Mayor Boruske said that he agreed there were issues with the way that meeting went and he was looking into solutions for the problem.

Elmer Perry reminded everyone of The Reality Store at Dayton High School on Friday morning from 9:00 AM. until noon. Many city officials come to participate and teach the kids how to budget their money and become fiscally responsible in a fun and interactive environment.

Michael Giffen ended the meeting by thanking Don Riley for his many years of service to Dayton.

Thanks to Buona Vita Pizzeria, you can watch the entire city council meeting here: Dayton, Kentucky City Council Meeting and if you mention this ad, you get happy hour drink prices all evening.



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