The News – An Editorial to Our Readers

by Jennifer Sierra

Ten weeks ago, we began reporting about the news that impacts our shared communities of Dayton and Bellevue. Much of this news has been good; some of it has been bad. We understand that from time to time, some people may not like what we publish. However, we strive to be fair, reliable and timely in our reporting. There has been some backlash about a story we recently published about the death of Mr. Jack Fischer, attorney for the city of Dayton, KY. Our sympathies go out wholeheartedly to the Fischer family and, therefore, we were torn as to when and how to report about this sad news. This citizen, public servant, and gentleman had a tremendous effect on Dayton—and beyond—so we felt it was important for the community to know about his death when we knew. If the information was not supposed to be released to the media, the media should not have been contacted. It is not the responsibility of the media to make calls to the families of such tragedies to make sure they know before we release a story. Media outlets like River City News, the Cincinnati Enquirer, and Bellevue Dayton Sun have the right and responsibility to publish news when we get it. While we appreciate the views of our readers and believe that every individual has the right to have an opinion, we hold steadfast in our assessment that we made the right decision in publishing the story. In short, if something is not ready to be on record, then it should not be shared with media sources.

Another issue has also come up regarding our relationship with The Dayton Community News. In no way is it our goal to see this paper cease to exist. There is room for more than one news source in our shared communities and we hold a nostalgic place in our hearts for the physical presence of newspapers. We at the Bellevue Dayton Sun feel that our publications can fill two different needs: one is printed news, while the other is Internet-based. The Bellevue Dayton Sun, River City News and Dayton Community News may run similar stories from time to time but that is great for the reader, ultimately, since each publication may convey different points of view on the same stories. Each of us will have communicated with different sources and readers might find this interesting, even if our differences are sometimes merely tidbits of ancillary information. We hope that people will continue to support both media outlets, as well as River City News, which has the manpower to fill the need for a more comprehensive news source covering all of Northern Kentucky’s river cities

With the newly-inducted members of our city councils in mind, we have been inspired to introduce a new outlet for news, one that reflects the changing times within our communities. There are so many wonderful things to talk about that we simply can’t keep up with all of them, even with the help of technology. Bellevue and Dayton have new city government members providing fresh ideas for development that will hopefully benefit both towns greatly. Our sincere wish is that this publication can support these leaders by way of keeping our shared communities informed via a reliable news outlet, a service that huge social media platforms could never possibly provide. While platforms such as Facebook are helpful in developing and maintaining relationships with one’s neighbors, they rely systemically on the sharing of opinion-based commentary. Our publication’s purpose is to, quite simply, report the news in a factual and unbiased fashion. Through our stories, we hope to build community pride and awareness, as well as aide the community leaders in building the best towns possible.


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  1. The relationship between Dayton and Bellevue can grow with support from The Bellevue Dayton Sun. While The Community News has it’s place, we have needed an avenue for more timely reporting. We are already seeing the benefits; spontaneous conversations, new friendships, and so on. Thanks for staying in there through some trying times.


  2. Hummmm, I myself find that it is your responsibility to care for the feelings of others. and since you did not care if Mr. Fisher’s family had been notified or not your chose to publish anyway. To me that is not a concerned news what ever you are (blog). I would like to know who told you about the death of Mr. Fisher? and at that time who ever said you were a News Paper.?


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