Friends of Bellevue 1st Annual Mardi Gras party at The B Llist

By Jimmy Lee King

On February 17th 2015, Fat Tuesday, the Friends of Bellevue hosted the first annual Mardi Gras party at The B List bar, located at the corner of Division Street and Washington Ave in Bellevue KY. Cathi Egi, President of the Friends of Bellevue, talks about the party and the purpose of doing “good things for Bellevue”. Ben Haggerty owner of The B List bar in Bellevue, talks about how this neighborhood bar is open 365 days a year and is a perfect meeting spot for this group or any others as well.

This establishment has great atmosphere. It is reminiscent of a pub you might see in England or Ireland. It’s dark and the features of this building are late 1800’s. The people who were at the bar supporting the Friends of Bellevue were in good spirits as they enjoyed craft beers and bourbons and New Orleans style foods, elegantly laid out on the pool table.

This Mardi Gras party was to help raise money for kids in Bellevue schools for scholarships and technical equipment. Egi, stated that she hoped this was the first of many Mardi Gras parties for the group and also promoted their big event on April 26, 2015, when they do a “fun for education scholarships dinner” on B&B riverboats. You can make friends with their group on Facebook: Friends of Bellevue KY to find out more information and become a friend of the group.

Check out The B list at: The B-List

Watch the video of the party here and see what you missed:


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