Dayton, Kentucky – City Attorney, Jack Fischer passes away

by Jimmy Lee King

Jack Fischer, city attorney for Dayton, Kentucky passed away today. “Best city attorney we have ever had. Jack loved the city of Dayton,” Former Mayor, Ken Rankle stated.

Former council member, Cathy Volter said, “Jack was the most honest and kindest professional I have ever dealt with. I never heard him talk bad about anyone or vice-versa. He always looked at the positives in any situation. He underestimated what he charged for his services. He was methodical and level-headed in his decision making. We can never replace his dedication. His office was at home and many times I would look across the street and he would be up all hours of the night, working. I lived across the street from him. Jack had a way with words; he was so eloquent when writing proclamations.”

Former Council member, Penny Hurtt commented,”So sad to hear. Words cannot begin to express how much he meant to the City. Personally he was a guiding force during my years on council and I always valued his advice and knowledge.”


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