Wild Ride at Dayton, Kentucky Planning and Zoning meeting

The Dayton Planning and Zoning Committee met on Wednesday evening. Present at the meeting were the committee members, Jeff Haas (newly appointed), Catherine Hamilton Hicks, Thomas Haddock (newly appointed), Don Riley (Dayton, Kentucky codes officer), Monty Rogers (board chair) and Carl Rogg. In the audience Council Members, Neary, Baker, Lynn, Burns and Tucker were present as well as Mayor Boruske. Dave Imboden from DCI and Joe Kramer from Cardinal Engineering were there to explain the changes to their development. Ryan Hutchinson from Campbell County Planning and Zoning was there to help guide this group in their decision making process of whether to accept Dave Imboden’s changes to his lot formations and the amount of homes to be built in the “Lookout Portion” of the riverfront development. Mr Imboden was asking for approval to change the number of lots from 14 to 21. He would be making some of the lots smaller in order to accommodate this move. The smaller lots would have smaller homes in the $800,000,00 range and they would sit closer together than the lots to the West that contain the million dollar plus homes. All homes being built on these lots are single family homes.

Ryan Hutchinson made the recommendation to the group to approve the changes saying that this is a preliminary platt, and they are just looking to revise the 14-lot plan. He said the committee should approve this based on it having 6 conditions (see inserted picture). Once Hutchinson finished, Hicks stated that she wasn’t comfortable making a recommendation to council so she wanted to defer the vote on this to the next meeting when missing committee members, Lynn Adam and Sandra Trutschel, could be there to vote. Hicks made a motion to wait until the following month to cast their votes when all members could be present. The motion to put the vote off one month was seconded by Thomas Haddock and then passed by the remaining voting members present. Hutchinson pointed out to the committee members present, that they had a quorum and there was no reason to put the vote off.

Dave Imboden stood up to speak to the committee. “I just wanted to make everyone aware that we are trying to do a home show on September 19th. We have to have 5 homes to have that show. One of the homes will come from this section. I just want to make you aware that I am fine with whatever you guys decide, but I did want to tell you if this gets delayed another month, we will not be having a home show. We are already running out of time now and we are trying to get the fifth house. I am not quite sure what the issues are, and why would you even delay it? I am adding 70 more feet of view corridor and green space to what I already had. I am not sure why you are going against the staff’s (Ryan Hutchinson’s) recommendation and delaying it. I know for sure, if this doesn’t get passed, we will not have a home show.”

Dave Imboden addresses P&Z

Dave Imboden addresses P&Z

Kramer from Cardinal, wanted to give the board a presentation he had not had a chance to give up to this point. Haddock said they would have to make a motion to hear the presentation, since they already voted to wait until next month without hearing the presentation in full. Haas made a motion to at least hear the presentation. “There are two sides to the story” Haas said. “It would look pretty poorly on our city if we are the one that pulled out this development and we can’t have this show that has been pretty well advertised.” The committee made the motion to hear the presentation.

Hicks went on to defend her case about wanting more green space, even after Hutchinson said the plan exceeded the percentage required. Hicks wanted to know why they were just getting these changes and expected to make a decision right away. Imboden said, that is the way construction and development happen. He said that there are are always changes and revisions. After a pretty heated discussion between Hicks and Imboden, many of the audience members expressed concern as to why Hicks didn’t want to vote for the development changes. Codes Officer for Dayton, Kentucky, Don Riley, spoke up at one point and said, “We had a really really tough time getting this development to Planning and Zoning to start it in the first place. If staff (Hutchinson) can’t find anything wrong with the proposal and everything is within their guidelines, then what is the problem? You are either going to have people who are here or not all here, but if you are here, it is your right and duty to do the best you can to vote on it and either pass it or fail it, one or the other and not hold it over to the next meeting.”

Finally, after much distress over this decision, Haddock made the motion to accept the proposal from DCI for the changes, noting “I can see, after hearing the presentation, that this isn’t going to change the amount of green space.” Haas seconded and then Hicks agreed. Jeff Volter reminded the committee that they couldn’t accept that motion for a vote until after the former motion to table the vote, was rescinded. The previous vote was rescinded and the vote to accept the changes to the development was unanimously passed.

Watch the entire meeting here: P&Z meeting


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