Inspire, Engage, and Grow Employee of the Month

by Jay Brewer, Superintendent Dayton Independent Schools

When you think of teacher Barb Berringer, you think of someone who was truly born to be a teacher. Mrs. Berringer exudes enthusiasm, creativity, and passion towards her work at all times. She displays adoration, respect, and love for each of her students. Mrs. Berringer is the kind of friend and co-worker that everyone wants on their team; someone whom is respected by all and someone whom we all go to first for her expert opinion on anything education.

Mrs. Berringer has spent 33 years as an educator and we have been very lucky that she has chosen to spend her last 14 years here at Lincoln Elementary School. Mrs. Berringer has taught all grade levels from kindergarten through 4th grade at LES and is the only teacher currently on our staff that is Nationally Board Certified. Her positive attitude, warm smile, fresh new ideas, willingness to always help others, and desire to learn, are just some of the many reasons why we are so fortunate that she is a teacher at our great school. We are proud to name Mrs. Barb Berringer as the Dayton Independent Schools Employee of the Month.


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