Simple Happiness

By Joe Kiefer

It’s great to be writing for the Bellevue Dayton Sun! I am excited to be a part of this new opportunity to connect with our great communities. My wife and I have lived here for almost 20 years and have 4 great kids here too. We love the area with all its charm, history, and convenience.

There are a bunch of wonderful people in the community and lots of opportunities here that other small towns just don’t have. I mean there is ample shopping now just minutes away and within. The downtown Cincinnati revitalization that’s happened only works to our 5 minutes away benefit. We are in prime location for arts, activities, food, and adventure. We couldn’t be located in a better place, tucked away in our little cove on the river.

It is my intention to write about family, food, fun, and everyday living. Nothing too fancy here. Just like many of my neighbors, we’re doing our best to create a relatively happy life for ourselves and our families. One of my favorite songs is Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd. It seems like a good song to live by sometimes. Keeping it simple helps make life happier.

Below are 2 Simple way to increase your HAPPY.

1: Take a long walk. Not only do we have the levee to walk on and the Avenue but we have some wonderful streets to walk up and down as well. There are some wonderfully sculpted yards and unique architecture to enjoy. Many of the streets are filled with budding trees in the Spring. Getting out now in the colder weeks is refreshing and good for the soul. There is a kinda cleansing to it.

Our community is a place where you can still look your fellows in the eyes, smile, and say “hello”. It’s a good thing to feel a part of the world. Go get out and see the sights these two great towns have to offer.

2: Share a meal with a neighbor. There are few things better than having a friend show up with dinner. Go and bless a neighbor with some hearty beef stew or some homemade chili and corn bread. Think about the joy you could bring on the cheap even, to a family near you. I am sure there are few neighbors that you haven’t met yet that would get a kick out of your good eats. Go and drop off a pot of something yummy and strike up a new relationship.

Make some cookies and pack them up and share them with folks up and down your street and see what happens. My guess is that you create some smiles and increase the wellbeing for those around you. It sounds a little bit selfish but when I do things for others, often times like it makes me feel good. Honestly, that’s one of the reasons I do stuff. It’s ok. Be selfish and do something good for someone else. lol. I like to call that the “double dip”.

Here’s a cover to that song Simple Man I mentioned earlier. Enjoy!





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