KZF comes to Dayton Kentucky for inspiration on the Pier

by Jimmy Lee King                                                                                                                                                                                                   

30 people attended the meeting Wednesday evening, including Mayor Boruske, Council members Bill Burns and Joe Neary.

City administrator Michael Giffen started the meeting off at 6PM, to introduce the representatives from KZF Design, Inc. Jonathan Wiley did the majority of the speaking while Eric Anderson provided support.

The meeting was meant for KZF to listen to Dayton, Kentucky’s opinions and ideas about the Pier project, that is proposed for the riverfront. KZF would not specify many things about the project, other than to reiterate the Pier should make sense for Dayton, Kentucky and at this time, they’re at this meeting to listen. KZF will take these ideas and use them to develop their suggestions for what they think makes sense for Dayton.

Different ideas were presented about the Pier and the proposed walking path, and how they could work together, nothing specific, just ideas. Some residents presented suggestions about types of vegetation along the path, for a nicer experience when they walk or bicycle through Dayton.

Mayor Boruske, thought that Berry Street should be the center point for the pier, considering it’s the center of Dayton. The Mayor went on to mention that access becomes the biggest issue with making a Pier on the riverfront. This is a project that will take many millions of dollars to complete, how people access it easily, is a major consideration.

When asked for an estimated time frame for construction to begin, City Administrator Michael Giffen, answered that 5 years seemed to make sense. He did say, “this is without an economic downturn or other unforeseen challenges that we cannot predict”.

Bellevue Dayton Sun recorded the meeting and will have the video up as soon as possible.


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