Dayton, Kentucky Main Street update

by Anthony V. Cadle

Happy New Year to all the Citizens of Dayton, Kentucky.  One of the great things about new beginnings, is they tend to lead to new introductions. Starting this year the Dayton Main Street Program has quite a few new and familiar members assisting the Main Street Manager as an organized, enthusiastic group of volunteers. This essential, 13-member board is governed by the following members:

Jennifer Sierra                                                 Jane Hebel
Layne Haas                                                     Christina Kelly
Ben Baker                                                       Randi Bydash
Joe Neary                                                        Bret Neuspickle
Nicole Ansel                                                   Kim Townsley
Beth Nyman                                                    Michael Elliot
Nicole Hogle

Of course as with any volunteer position it is difficult to commit all the time needed to get things done. This is why we also have four (4) committees with an endless number of membership positions available.  These committees are Organization, Design, Economic Development and Promotion. Every year our four committees and the board strive to put on quality events such as Light up Dayton and the Dayton Fall Festival.
Our program aims to recruit businesses and quality building owners, and work closely with the City government to plan, organize and move our city forward.   We are always looking for new volunteers with new ideas and a passion for our community.  If you are interested in serving with the Dayton Main Street program our first calendar meeting will be Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 7:00 and will be held at the VFW hall on the corner of Sixth Ave. and Main St.  You could also contact the Dayton Main Street Manager, Anthony Cadle, at Once again, we hope you have had a fantastic start to what we expect to be a fantastic year. We look forward to serving you and we hope to see you soon.


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