Baby It’s Cold Outside – How to stay warm now!

What to wear – Proper Cold Weather Clothing

  1. Wear layers of lightweight clothing to stay warm. Gloves and a hat will help prevent losing your body heat.
  2. Use hand warmers. They fit into pockets, shoes and gloves and heat up when exposed to the air. The can be purchased at big box stores like Walmart and Sam’s.
  3. Heated Jackets! you can buy them at Brookstone and Sears and they usually run on batteries and can keep you warm for up to 10 hours.

Here are some tips to help you keep your home warm in this frigid air:

  1. Turn ceiling fans on and run them on low in a clockwise direction. This circulates the warm air that automatically rises up to the ceiling.
  2. If you feel cold air blowing in around your doors, add weather stripping.
  3. If you feel air coming in around your windows, caulk them. It will seal up those drafts immediately.
  4. Use draft dodgers around the bottom of exterior doors. Your threshold will only be able to keep a certain amount of air from coming in. It isn’t air-tight.
  5. Use insulated outlet and switch covers.
  6. Close drapes blinds unless the sun is out and shining directly in that window.
  7. Make sure your furnace has a clean filter.
  8. If you are using a space heater, place it on a level, hard surface and keep anything flammable at least three feet away – things such as paper, clothing, bedding, curtains or rugs.
  9. Turn off space heaters and make sure fireplace embers are out before leaving the room or going to bed.
  10. Keep the thermostat at the same temperature day and night. Your heating bill may be a little higher, but you could avoid a more costly repair job if your pipes freeze and burst.
  11. Use a humidifier or hook one up to your furnace and run it in the winter. More humid air is easier to heat and it feels warmer. It also will aid in your breathing and your skin won’t dry out as much from the furnace heat. It also helps keep static electricity at bay.

Generators and Stoves:

  1. Never use a stove or oven to heat your home.
  2. Never operate a generator inside the home, including in the basement or garage.
  3. Don’t hook a generator up to the home’s wiring. The safest thing to do is to connect the equipment you want to power directly to the outlets on the generator.

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