Dayton Kentucky Pier – Date set for first public meeting

This meeting will be an open house session on January 21st from 6-8 PM at the Dayton, Kentucky School Admin Building at 200 Clay Street in Dayton, Kentucky.

The purpose of this meeting is to share plans of existing conditions and ongoing work in the area. KZF, the company hired to create the conceptual designs for the pier and the river walk, wants to use this meeting to gather ideas for the City’s riverfront and how these opportunities can be incorporated into a master plan to guide development and future projects along the riverfront.

The meeting will be informal, with the opportunity to discuss ideas individually with the project team. The study is very much in the early stages and represents somewhat of a “blank slate” plan of the riverfront where all concepts and ideas are encouraged. The public is welcome and encouraged to come and participate in this meeting. This pier is a way for the citizens of Dayton to have access to the river that has been so much of the city’s history and way of life. The public meeting is a way for the general citizens to be a part of the design that will impact the riverfront for generations.

Results from the workshop will be incorporated into the master plan.


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