Volunteer, Jeane Cole, honored for Fire Board Service

by Jennifer Sierra

As one last official duty, late yesterday evening, Dayton Mayor Ken Rankle honored a volunteer citizen. Jeane Cole has served on the fire board for 12 years and was honored with a Key to the City of Dayton in front of a small group of people late yesterday at the city building. “I wanted my last official task to be a positive one and this is going to someone that really deserved to be recognized for her devotion to the city”, Rankle said. “She is a humble person that never asked for credit. Jeane is the type of person that one always knows where you stand with her. She was never afraid to tell me if she thought I was wrong.” Bellevue, Councilman, Steve Guidugli, also stated his gratitude for Jeane Cole’s service at the Fire Board meeting in December saying, “I would especially like to thank Jeane Cole for her many years of work on the fire board.”

Jeane Cole is a big part of the reason there is a clock at the town center in Dayton, Kentucky. She was a major force behind the event that raised money for the clock and helped write the drug and alcohol testing personnel policies for the Bellevue Dayton Fire Department. Jeane Cole works for 1st Step Home in Cincinnati, which is a non-profit that provides substance abuse counseling to  women and children. Jeane stated that she will continue her volunteer work in the city of Dayton and is looking forward to helping in new ways. Jeane resigned from the Fire Board in November 2014. Jeane stays busy with work and family and has 2 daughters and 3 grandchildren.



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  1. Jeanne Cole is a wonderful person, but as the person who organized the Dayton Neighborhood Councils in 2003, I have to ask that a correction to this story be made about the clock that was purchased by the neighborhood councils. Jean Cole, as a member of the Brooklyn Neighborhood Council, was one of many, many citizens involved in all four neighborhood councils who worked their butts off to raise money for the town center clock. She was not in any way a major player in the raising of money for the clock. In fact, the Taylor Neighborhood Council president, Mr. Bill Burns and his wife, Ginny Burns, presented the clock idea to all the neighborhood councils at the time when then-Mayor Rankle felt that the Neighborhood Councils were getting too big and wanted them disbanded. The Neighborhood Councils had to find something to do together with the money they had raised over the two years they were in existence, so Mr. and Mrs. Burns presented the idea and the citizens loved it. Together, more than 100 citizens raised the money through Neighborhood Council fundraisers to purchase the clock. And, I believe the City of Dayton also donated something to make it happen. This clock was purchased solely through the hard work of a lot of people. There was never just one or two people who played a major part in getting the clock purchased.


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