What comes first – the fire truck or the fireman?

The Bellevue/Dayton Fire board meeting Dec 17th 2014
By: Jimmy Lee King

The Bellevue/Dayton KY fire department held it’s December 17th Fire board meeting at the Callahan center in Bellevue Kentucky.

A quick meeting that started at 6PM and ended at 6:34. Everyone was upbeat and the meeting had a very positive tone.

The Fire medic 280 crew and Engine 201 were acknowledged for outstanding service in helping give birth to a baby boy “Jude” on November 30th at 6:08PM. Fire medic Brian Boyers, Mike Gullett and Captain Jim Richmond, Lieutenant Robby Duke and fire fighter EMT Jeremy Lynn helped with the birth that took place on the bedroom floor of baby Jude’s parents home. Captain Jim Richmond recognized all the men on the team and gave stork pins to each of them. A much deserved round of applause was given to the team who, as the parents said in their thank you letter, “Rocked”!

Fire Board Chairman Virgil Boruske was presented a plaque for his service in the position of same title by fire chief Mike Auteri. Chairman Boruske will have to resign his position upon taking the new position as Dayton Kentucky’s new Mayor in January. A new Chairman for the fire board has not yet been selected. Mr Boruske thanked the board for the “good times” he has had as chairman. A round of applause followed his receiving of the plaque.

One of the fire board members also mentioned their appreciation for everyone that had spent their time serving on the board especially board member, Jeane Cole.

Chief Auteri noted; the Fire Department will be assisting at the Special Olympics Polar Plunge taking place at Joe’s Crab Shack on February 7th, 2015 in Bellevue, KY.  Fire fighters will also be going out with Santa to hand out presents on Tuesday December 23rd. There are 14 adopted families that Bellevue/Dayton firemen sponsor; this is the 18th year this has taken place. What happens is; select families have dinner parties and instead of giving each other gifts they donate gifts to the fire department. Those gifts, along with money from the Ladie’s Auxiliary, also provide a full Christmas dinner and creates a great Christmas for these families in need.

Chief Auteri also revealed that 2014 was a year without any deaths or serious injuries to the any firemen or paramedics and hoped that this statistic stays the same.

The question was posed about replacing one of the aging ladder trucks. One existing ladder truck is 23-years old, two engines are 19-years old and the work load is 7 to 8 trips daily on average. Chairman Boruske addressed the issue and said: “We need more man power. We need three more men is what we need. We can keep the existing fire truck going by maintaining it”. Chief Auteri added that he thinks the existing fire truck can be used and maintained for another 5 years. Chief Auteri stressed, he thinks the aging ladder truck will have to be replaced within the next five to ten years to safely protect our cities. He wants the cities to know this expense is on the horizon so no one is surprised with this big ticket item when the existing fire truck breaks down and is too expensive to repair. Other board members mentioned that since the existing ladder truck is working; the priority is to get more man power. If the truck breaks down then the priority changes to replacing the truck. Chief Auteri also states his first goal is to hire 3 more men in 2015 and 3 more in 2016.

The next fire board meeting will be February 18th 2015 at 6PM in the Callahan center in Bellevue KY.



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