Message from Bellevue’s Mayor, Edward Riehl

Now that it’s December it already feel like winter is officially here even though that doesn’t take place until the 21st. We have not had our first measurable snow fall yet this winter, but it is likely to be just around the corner. With that in mind let me take a few moments to remind vehicle owners to use off street parking area during snow events and move vehicles out of the right of way to allow the Public Services crew room to plow the street as safely as possible.

Shop Bellevue!!! The Christmas Walk was held on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving and was well attend both days. Thanks to Public Services crew and the many volunteers from the Bellevue Neighborhood Association and Bellevue Renaissance that is making Fairfield Avenue look so festive this year. Please support our local independent businesses this holiday season. They have great options for the holiday gifts and places to grab a bite to eat. When you support local businesses you build a stronger Bellevue.

Hats off again to the Bellevue Neighborhood Association for all their time and hard work invested this season to make our entire town look festive for the holidays. Many volunteer hours went into making this happen. Each year they have been working to add new areas of the city to the list to decorate. Great job!!!

Last month I mentioned two of our three outgoing council members. This month I would like to thank our third council member Bill Helton for his service to our community. Bill has served well in his duties as a council member; always asking the right questions and making sound decisions. We wish him well in his future and he has asked to continue to service Bellevue in any way we may need him. Thank you Bill for your valuable time and efforts.

As I write this letter the Marianne Theater has come back to life. Not as a movie theater, but to play a role in a movie. The cast and crew from the production of “The Blunderer” were in town filming at our historic and iconic Marianne. Once again Bellevue is in the spotlight and we are shining well to all the cast and crew who are working in town. They all had positive things to say about our community and how friendly our citizens are. The task force for the future of the theater has had its first meeting and the foundation of our work has been laid. They are off to a great start with a lot of hard work ahead for the members. Thanks to all who our serving on it.

As we enter into the month of December I would like to take time to wish you and your family a joyous and festive holiday season. As we all gather together as families please take time to check on the elderly in your neighborhood during the cold winter months to make sure they are safe and warm.

Don’t forget about our 4-legged friends during these winter months. Remember to bring them indoors during those very cold temperature days this winter. And, always take time to clean up after them while walking around town .Remember to always carry a bag with you or visit one of the many bag stations posted around Bellevue.

Once again don’t hesitate to call the city staff if you are planning any projects around the house that may require proper permits, COA’s and inspections that may pertain. We are always ready to help at 859-431-8888. Enjoy the rest of the 2014 and have a safe and happy New Years celebration.


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