Welcome to our Premier Edition of the Bellevue Dayton Sun!

Welcome and Happy Holidays! Our new online newspaper will fill your heart with warmth and plenty of information from the beautiful and historic river towns of Bellevue and Dayton, Kentucky. We, at the Sun, thought it was high time to make it convenient for people to get news about both Dayton and Bellevue in a quick and timely manner instead of having to wait for print editions once a month. We also plan on having lots of fun and important content. You may follow us on Twitter and Facebook if you would like by going to the “More” tab on the upper right hand corner of the site. Go to the “Menu” on the upper left corner to search for articles by keyword or category. Our news is happening in real time and you will get the most up-to-date information possible.

Our news will consist of local sports (including local high school sports), art and entertainment around town such as restaurant and movie reviews, community news, articles on the historic properties, editorials and a joint community calendar that will have both Bellevue and Dayton events. Feel free to import our calendar into your digital calendar. Don’t feel like reading? Our articles will also soon have an audio version so you can have them read to you in the car, while you are taking a walk or working out. There will be so much more to look forward as time goes on but until then, we appreciate your support in this new endeavor and we welcome ideas and suggestions. If you would like to be a contributing editor, or you know of a news story or article we should feature, please let us know.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays!


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